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Solomon Bly

b. 1790
The first antiques dealer in the family, established in 1831, from premises in Tring, Hertfordshire.

John Bly

b. 1830
Took over his father's business, proudly claiming 'Antiques dealers since the reign of William IV'.

John Bly
b. 1864
Established own business in 1891 also in Tring. The first member of the family to be elected to The BADA, in 1928.

Frank John Bly
b. 1904
Continued his father's business, firmly establishing it in the international connoisseurs' arena. An active BADA member from 1951.

John Bly
A former chairman of the BADA, he shares his knowledge worldwide through television, writing and lecturing.

Julian John Bly

Unlocked the past to re-establish Solomon Bly, taking the long tradition of antiques dealing firmly into the future. Elected to BADA in 2007.